GPS Dog Tracker - RoamEOThe RoamEO dog GPS tracking system is of the radio transmission type, so it can get reception and be used to track your dog in the city or wilderness.  It’s range is a minimum of one mile.  It comes with it’s own tracking collar and hand held receiver.   You can track up to 3 pets’ location, viewing their location, current movement, and velocity.  The collar battery life is about 24 hours and takes approximately 24 hours to re-charge.  One of the huge advantages is that there is no activation, no subscription, and no user fee.  The collar fits neck sizes from 12 to 24 inches.  The device also has the feature of guiding you back to a known location.  So if your dog gets away while camping, you can use RoanEO to find your lost dog, then use it to find your way back to your campsite. hand held receiver contains a backlit LCD display, so it is easily readable in bright sun light.  Designed for outdoor use, the receiver withstandrain, dirt, and mud.  They can easily be cleaned.

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RoamEO dog GPS tracking system


Battery Life




Tracking Device Size



  • Can track up to 3 pets
  • No activation, no subscription, and no user fee
  • Backlit LCD display is easily readable in bright sun light


  • Takes a long period of time to acquire signal
  • Device is too large for small dogs
  • Poor customer service
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2 Comments to RoamEO

  1. dave emmitt says:

    Looking for a replacement “classic RoamEO” base station which has a fence building option. I have 6 collars that all work…the base station no longer locks onto satellites.

  2. S says:

    Like the base system but need longer life. At least a week, for working livestock protection dogs. They are about 100 to 180 pound dogs and can pack a heavy collar to support a long battery life. Please consider this need. Recharging is not easy when dogs live with sheep and goats in a remote area.

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