Cell Based GPS Devices

Cell based GPS tracking systems for dogs are by far the most popular, most effective, and easiest to use.  If your dog spends the majority of its time in areas that have cell phone reception, then cell based GPS is the way to go.  Their range is unlimited and you can monitor your dog and be alerted if it leaves its safe zone no matter where you are, as long as you have cell phone reception.  These systems allow you to set up virtual boundaries and alert you via email or text when your dog leaves the area.  They will give you the dogs location and most will give you turn by turn directions to help you locate your lost pet.  Some will also show you the dog’s history and the path it took to get to where it is at.  Because of its portability and flexibility in setting virtual geofences, these systems are ideal for vacations, dog parks, camping where cell phone reception is present, and any other locations your dog may spend time at when not at home.  Some of the features you want to look for pertaining to the cell based GPS tracking system are the device’s weight, the required minimum weight of your dog, the battery life, whether or not the battery is rechargeable, the cost of the battery, available apps, and the monthly charge for the GPS monitoring service.

The products that fall into this category are the Tagg Pet Tracker, Tractive GPS Pet Tracker, PocketFinder GPS Pet Locator, Gibi, Zoombak, GPS Whistle, and Secure a Pet .

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