Electric Dog Fences

As effective as a GPS tracking device is for your dog, if your pet is constantly wandering out of your yard or other safe zone you set up, you may be better off with an electronic dog fence to prevent it from leaving your yard in the first place.

Electronic dog fences are affordable, invisible, flexible, and safely and effectively contain your dog in the area they surround.

How it Works

Once set up and activated, the electronic dog fence communicates with a special collar worn by your dog which contains a lightweight receiver.  When your dog nears the fence’s trigger zone, the fence controller sends a signal to the receiver in your dog’s collar in the form of an audible tone.  If your dog continues through the trigger zone, the collar will emit a mild static pulse, which will train the dog to stay within the boundaries that you’ve set up. Through training, your dog will realize when it is approaching the perimeter of the electronic enclosure, and learn where the boundaries are at. After training is complete, your dog will know its limits, stay within the safe containment area, and no longer enter the fence’s trigger zone.  Some dog owners are concerned about the static shock emitted by the collar when the dog wanders too far into the trigger zone.  For your dog, the static pulse is not painful nor harmful.  It is equivalent to you shuffling your feet on a carpet and getting a static shock from touching a piece of metal.  In the case of your dog, it simply deters it from going past the boundary.

If you think an electronic dog fence would be your best bet, you can compare the different manufacturers and models at bestdogfences.com.  In addition to helping you make an informative decision on the best fence for you, the site also contains information on installation and training.


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